“Revelation is not only one of the finest literary works in the New Testament, but also one of the greatest theological achievements of early Christianity.” So says New Testament Scholar Richard Bauckham, and yet few of us experience it that way. In this episode, Blaine and Anthony begin a conversation on the literary and theological marvel that is Revelation, drawing on diverse scholarship to frame its historical and prophetic situation. The thesis of this episode is simple: Revelation is a discipleship manual. It orients the people of God to their situation, and it tells them how they should live in view of Christ’s reality.


We know from experience Revelation is challenging. For all those of you who are looking to grasp the message and the blessing of the Bible’s capstone book, here are a few recommended resource:

For a wonderful introduction, check out:

The Bible Project’s Two-Part Overview
Part One:
Part Two:

For a good book on the whole of revelation:

Michael Gorman Reading Revelation Responsibly
Scot McKnight and Cody Matchett Revelation for the Rest of Us

For a more scholarly take:

Richard Bauckham The Theology of the Book of Revelation
Richard Baukham The Climax of Prophecy

For a book on key elements and Old Testament allusions:

Brandon Smith The Trinity in the Book of Revelation
Tremper Longman III Revelation Through Old Testament Eyes

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