“While each church receives a message reflecting its own situation, there is one overarching issue: whether or not to compromise. Specifically, will these churches be faithful witnesses both to Jesus and like Jesus (and John!) by refraining from participation in the cultural norm of pagan religion, including the imperial cult, even if it entails serious consequences: social, economic, and political?” Gorman

In this third part of the series on Revelation, Blaine and Anthony continue their discussion on the major movements of the Apocalypse. In particular, they discuss the messages to the seven churches from 1:9-3:22 and the vision of heaven in 4 and 5. 

Mentioned in this episode:

The Seven-Part Structure of Revelation

  1. Prologue – 1:1-8
  2. Vision of Christ and the Messages – 1:9-3:22
  3. Vision of Heaven – 4-5
  4. 3 cycles of 7 Judgements – 6-16
  5. Fall of Babylon – 17:1-21:8
  6. New Jerusalem – 21:9-22:9
  7. Epilogue – 22:6-21


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For a good book on the whole of revelation:

Michael Gorman Reading Revelation Responsibly
Scot McKnight and Cody Matchett Revelation for the Rest of Us

For a more scholarly take:

Richard Bauckham The Theology of the Book of Revelation
Richard Baukham The Climax of Prophecy

For a book on key elements and Old Testament allusions:

Brandon Smith The Trinity in the Book of Revelation
Tremper Longman III Revelation Through Old Testament Eyes 

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