This is the first in a series of episodes on the story of God. We’ve talked about seeing reality as a story, we’ve talked about Apocalypse or spiritual revelation as to the nature of that story, and in our Endgame episode we talked about what it’s like at the end of the story. But exactly what story is it that we’re in? Where does it begin and how did we get here?

We argue that the place to begin is with God. In doing so we talk at length about the doctrine of the Holy Trinity, we spend some time discussing the hundreds of years the early Church spent developing this doctrine, we discuss what it means practically in our daily lives that God is a trinitarian God, and we end with a practice that I think you will find helpful in restoring your relationship with the persons of the Trinity.

We are invited not only to form our minds around the doctrine of the Trinity but to encounter the Trinity in an immediate and personal way.

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